A new and original 13-part, one-hour TV series, A Short. Life. is a curated collection of poignant short films, independently produced yet collectively driven by our common human experience, fostering the emotional resonance of the big screen and bringing it to the comforts of our home.

A Short. Life. examines, explores, questions and perhaps most importantly, allows viewers to feel what it means to be human.

Each one-hour episode of A Short. Life. is comprised of 4 x 10-12 minute short films independently created by up-and-coming directors. Unrelated from a production standpoint, each short film is curated and assembled into a one-hour episode, thread together by a common denominator; a moving life-experience. Highlighting contrasts of social inequalities, striking common emotional chords or examining unique, personal, thought-provoking themes that strive to communicate our shared human experience, A Short. Life. serves as a means to emotionally reconnect us to the world and the people around us.

Channeling each one-hour theme as a looking glass, A Short. Life. showcases each director’s work within this prismatic framework, providing strikingly contrasting points of view on the same subject. A Short. Life. leaves viewers with a positive kernel, hopeful insight and a sense of enlightened perspective.

With a modern-day culture that has grown increasingly accustomed to a “short form” means of communication, A Short. Life. positions boundless talent of independent filmmakers in a niche market that is short, digestible yet emotively immersive and fueled by an audience that is eager to literally “tune in.”

Welcome to A Short. Life.

In Development
Boyan Stergulc