Fun, Fast-Paced & Action-Packed
B.SMART is Pop Science at its Best!


Join Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first woman astronaut in space, as she takes flight aboard B.SMART – a captivating new series where fun and science collide!

B.SMART explores your world and the amazing things that make it tick. From the outer reaches of space, to the depths of the deepest oceans; from the latest technology reshaping our every day lives, to understanding our environment and ourselves in ways never imagined! B.SMART uncovers cool new things that matter to all of us, engages the imaginations of kids like you, and might even inspire a few budding astronauts along the way!

B.SMART uses slick animation to explore the world of creative science. Each episode is made up of easy-to-digest segments exploring a central theme through a wide range of interesting facts and innovative ideas, through the use of crazy great animations. Discover the possibilities that will make you think differently about the world we live in!

Travel through time and space! Discover some of our world’s most fascinating wonders, and quench some of our most mind-bending curiosities! B.SMART is a relatable, forward-thinking, captivating series, showcasing the latest technology to make the road to knowledge the wildest ride it’s ever been!


The world’s first neurologist in space and Canada’s first woman astronaut, Dr. Roberta Bondar conducted scientific experiments for 13 countries in the First International Microgravity Laboratory on the space shuttle Discovery mission in 1992. After her spaceflight, Dr. Bondar headed an international space medicine research team working with NASA for more than a decade, continuing to find new connections between astronauts recovering from the microgravity of space and neurological illnesses here on Earth.

BSMART_BoyanStergulc_ProfilePic-1blBOYAN STERGULC, Creative Director
Two Gemini nominations for Best Achievement in a Main Title Design, and extensive contributions to award-winning television programming have made Boyan Stergulc a respected and talented industry creative. Founder of design animation studio, B.SIDE Inc., Boyan’s respected dedication and creative vision have been loyally trusted in branding, creatively developing and producing on-air packages and episodic segments for some of the most-watched televison programs in Canada.

BSMART_AbigailPintoCorreia_ProfilePic-1ABIGAIL PINTO CORREIA, Producer
Abigail’s involvement with sister company, B.SIDE Inc. transcends the role of Producer, working alongside the Creative Director as a valued partner in the conception, development and management of countless projects. She has been an integral contributor in the art direction and storyboarding of episodic animations produced for Seasons 1 & 2 of Never Ever Do This At Home (Discovery Channel Canada and Spike TV US), and Home To Win, currently in its second season on HGTV Canada.

BSMART_RebeccaHerr_ProfilePicREBECCA HERR, Marketing Producer
Founder of LeFace Entertainment, Rebecca manages reputations and high-level connections. Having spent over 15 years working in the film and television industry in production, communications, and distribution Rebecca has worked with major broadcasters, distributors and industry press from around the world. While at Shaftesbury/Smokebomb Rebecca played a pivotal role in the creation and promotion of all corporate and catalogue marketing assets and events, and produced content for TMN and The Movie Network.

BSMART_OrinIsaacs_ProfilePicORIN ISAACS, Music Director & Sound Engineer
For more than two decades Orin Isaacs has been a keeper of the funky music flame. Whether it be electrifying audiences with his prowess on the bass guitar, composing music for hit TV shows, or producing Gold & Platinum selling albums, Orin has always been at the forefront of the Canadian music scene.Since the age of seventeen Orin began bass slinging his way around the world with such artists as Salome Bey, Arrow, the Dream Warriors and Devon which in turn earned him his first of three Juno awards in 1992 [ … ]

BSMART_MichaelKrauss_ProfilePic.MICHAEL KRAUSS, Cinematographer
With an experienced background in graphic design and photography, Michael Krauss has a strong ability to translate a creative vision into film and capture compelling cinematic visuals. B.SMART is happy to have Michael’s experience behind the lens and his strong understanding of visual production. Michael’s impressive cinematography show reel can be viewed here.

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