… It’s A Thing


This exciting new series explores Canada the way we all understand it; through it’s musicians, actors, artists, sports, beer and maple syrup. We reveal why Canadians are so polite, why our comedy is so funny and why our beer is best! We hit the open road to discover Canada as it once was, and face the surprises of what has become of its former hot-spot destinations. Canadian Culture Thing  taps your tree and lets the sweetest tasting maple syrup run free.

Each episode begins with the CCT Camper departing to an exciting destination that has an emotional significance to our Canadian celebrity guest passenger. We head off to Niagara Falls with Ron Sexsmith and cruise the Tall Ships with Rachel Wilson. Canadian Culture Thing revisits their childhood family vacations to see just what’s there today. Is the exciting Ontario Dinosaur Park still alive with prehistoric beasts, or has it been replaced by a roadside gas station?

Join our CCT travellers as they candidly stop in at special events, drop by movie sets, knock on the doors of celebrity homes, re-visit historical landmarks, attend concerts, sporting events, galleries and museums. Targeting the Boomer, X and Zoomer generations, Canadian Culture Thing combines interview cutaways with comedic animation segments, and nostalgic stock footage.  Canadian Culture Thing embraces our nation’s past and celebrates the spectacle of modern-day Canada


The 60-minute format threads a loosely common theme, allowing the Canadian Culture Thing team to connect interesting facts, surprising us all with some never before realized commonalities – asking what connection Canada has to the Toronto Star and Superman, unravelling the history of Captain Canuck, and exploring the McFarlane Toys climb from comic books to toy empire.

Ride along with our host team that is sure to include the occasional celebrity guest voyageur as they lead you on this Canadian expedition of discovery. Reporting for the sake of entertainment, Canadian Culture Thing presents the facts as clear, comedic and often Canadian-biased segments designed to illuminate and entertain.


Atom EgoyanATOM EGOYAN, Filmmaker 

Sophie: Natalie Brown CBCNATALIE BROWN, Actress

Rachel-Wilson_CCTRACHEL WILSON, Actress

Ron SexsmithRON SEXSMITH, Musician

Sean CullenSEÁN CULLEN, Comedian

In Development

Chad Gendron

Chad Gendron
Abigail Pinto Correia

Boyan Stergulc