“One Helluva Show!”

“This is a play unlike any other. It’s a comedy, a drama, a romance and at many times, a lecture. [Playwright Mark] Terry breaks a lot of theatre conventions, but because it works so well, he’s actually creating new ones.” – Read more of Matthew Wilson’s Ontario Arts Review here.

“An engaging performance … Resonating themes of love, death, and our thirst for knowledge.”

“Mark writes a campy, amusing, romantic, squirmy, and questionable play with snappy dialogue and characters that are always careful never to fall into one-dimensional stereotypes.” – Read more of Tracey Thomas’ The Pen To Paper review here.

“Sounds really interesting … Cool idea for a play… I would definitely check that one!”

“Looking for something that will get your brain working on items scientific, possibly theological? How about a Demon? How about this play?” – View the Geektropolis video endorsement here.


What really happens when we die? A question that has been asked for centuries yielding a variety of answers, but none with proof. When Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon, he was constantly asked to report “What was it like?”

What if we had a similar reporter, someone who had “been there” and come back to tell us what it’s really like, answering all our big questions once and for all?  How we cross over.  What, in fact, is on the other side?  Are Heaven and Hell actually as we believe them to be?  Do we reunite with our relatives who died before us – all of them, some or perhaps none at all?

And what if this reporter was a demon?  Would his testimony be reliable given his reputation?  Or are we imposing a generalized prejudice?  Why do we believe all demons are evil?  When we exercise that philosophy on other groups we are accused of being racist, sexist, even, ageist.

Interview With a Demon takes us on a wild ride explaining life on the other side – what Heaven and Hell are really like, the essence of the soul, religion, mythologies, angels and God and Satan – debunking much of what we have come to believe for centuries.

But as Father Flanagan constantly reminds us, demons are not to be trusted, so can we believe what this televised demon has to report from the other side, or does he have an ulterior motive for this interview and for being here among us?

Time will only tell if the demon is actually providing the world’s very first report on life after death, and the truth about Heaven and Hell or if he’s using this broadcast platform for an altogether more diabolical purpose.


RyanGrahamRYAN GRAHAM, Bradley Gibb, Demon
Recently returned from a year of training at The Actors Studio Drama School, Ryan is a graduate of American University in Washington D.C., having received his B.A. in Psychology and Health Promotion. Ryan’s love for performance and his growth as an actor has led him to embrace invaluable mentorships and training across Canada and the United States. Ryan has garnered incredible experience performing for audiences on stage as well as from behind a camera lens for both television and film. Known for his film/tv roles as Genti in The Architect (2012), Trent in Window Watching (2013) and Los in Assassins Tale (2013), Ryan has enjoyed taking to the stage in productions like Orpheus Descending, Idolatry and Love, and Measure of Desperation to name a few. Amid his busy schedule, Ryan enjoys hitting the basketball court on a weekly basis.
VicktoriaAdamVICKTORIA ADAM, Boodle, Demon
Vicktoria is thrilled to be a part of Interview With A Demon. An Albertan native, Vicktoria received her B.A. in Drama from the University of Alberta, and continued her studies in theatre at the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts. She has had great success working in musicals, children’s theatre, short films, and plays, with favourite roles including Chrissy (Hair), Cunningham (The Last Days of Judas Iscariot), and Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas).  Always the artist, when Vicktoria’s not acting on stage she enjoys performing at children’s Princess Parties, and further excelling her talent at Second City.

ALEX CLAY, Pat Lor, DemonAlexClay
Alex received his B.A. from the University of Guelph having studied History and Theatre, and has since completed his Bachelor of Education. When he wasn’t in the classroom, Alex played Jason in the Guelph Little Theatre production of Rabbit Hole which was selected to participate in the WODL Festival and honoured Alex with a nomination for his performance. Since then, Alex’s stage schedule quickly lined up with a number of theatre productions including his role as Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Special Delivery at Theatre InspiraTO’s 10th Anniversary Short Play Festival.   This fall Alex performed in Lifeboat with Small But Mighty Productions, and is excited to be an integral part of Interview With A Demon.  “The truth is down there” and Alex can’t wait to share this with his audience.

JOHN FITZGERALD, Fr. Francis FlanaganJohnFitzgerald
John was first involved in theatre in 2000 with the opportunity to perform in the stage production of one of his favourite films, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He was bitten by the theatre bug and has been very active in the Durham Region community theatre and summer stock ever since! Over the past fifteen years, John has performed in over 40 productions with some of his favourite roles being Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, Max in The Long Weekend and Scott in Smalltime. He is excited to be performing with the talented cast and crew of Interview With A Demon, and trusts it will be one his audiences enjoy just as much!

SEÁN CULLEN, The Voice of TomSeanCullen
Canadian comedy legend, Seán Cullen is a multi-talented performer, a triple Gemini and Canadian Comedy award winner,  a Dora nominee, and an award-winning author who has been described by Time Magazine as the “vanguard of comedy’s next generation.” Seán entered into the public eye in 1987 as a member of musical comedy group Corky and the Juice Pigs, was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, a regular panelist of Match Game on Comedy Network, and is host of The SeanPod on Sirius XM Radio Canada, to name just a few. He also is best known for providing voices of characters in shows like Best Ed, Seven Little Monsters and Almost Naked Animals, and will be “The Voice of Tom” in the stage production, Interview With A Demon.


THEATRE PREMIERE – November 10th-15th, 2015

B.SMART Productions Inc. is thrilled to have mounted its very first stage production, Interview With A Demon to a Sold Out Opening Night audience! The Limited Engagement was incredibly successful having garnered rave reviews, humbling endorsements, and one that delivered the intellectual goods that a typical audience might not otherwise be prepared for. “This is a play unlike any other” says the Ontario Arts Review. B.SMART Productions Inc. discovered the unique and thought-provoking script while in Cannes, France during the 2014 MIPCOM television market and immediately optioned its rights, successfully mounting their first-ever stage production that was deemed the interview not to be missed!

Mark Terry

Abigail Pinto Correia

Boyan Stergulc


Alumnae Theatre – Main Stage