It’s an age-old topic of discussion that we’re not going to table at the moment but it is a relative question with regards to who we are and what we create. B.SMART Productions is a promising new company, founded by the owners of post-production design studio, B.SIDE Inc., which has been servicing the broadcast, commercial and film industries for over 15 years. B.SIDE Inc. has been loyally trusted in branding, creatively developing and producing on-air packages and episodic segments for some of the most-watched television programs in Canada.

With our ears to the ground of the entertainment industry, coupled with our experience in working closely with the industry’s leading production companies and broadcasters, B.SMART Productions was formed in response to our recognition of a niche in the market to produce highly entertaining formats with intellectually stimulating and socially conscious content. Recognizing the recent efforts in Hollywood through Participant Media, and grassroots organizations like VICE that have met boundless success, B.SMART Productions strives to focus our tools and talent in producing powerful and compelling content that seamlessly bridges the gap between entertainment and awareness.

B.SMART, the educational televison series, is our first of many to be produced by B.SMART Productions. We look forward to bringing you even more entertaining programs and exciting new formats, and are stoked about a number of our other little eggs that are soon to hatch. Stay tuned!